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I appreciate all your kind words and encouragement and can see what a difference editing makes. There are some sentences I rewrote at least a dozen times, and they still weren’t right. Your suggested changes are so simple and perfect, I’m left wondering how I never thought of them. It’s wonderful to know the manuscript is of professional quality, and that goes a long way in feeling confident to pitch or query agents.
— Joy Norstrom, Women's Fiction Author

Prior to sending out my manuscript to literary agents, I debated whether to invest in professional editing. I am so very glad I did. Tanis’s edits elevated my manuscript to a place I never would have arrived on my own. I had always thought I had an excellent command of the English language (with a degree in linguistics and two theses under my belt), but Tanis’s edits really humbled me. She not only caught punctuation and grammatical errors that gave my manuscript the polish it needed prior to querying, but she also caught inconsistencies and repetition and helped improve word choice. She also cheered me on. Having her feedback helped tremendously. I felt a great weight of doubt drop off me. Tanis offered a fresh, sharp, and professional perspective, and I am extremely grateful for all her meticulous work.
— J.R. Yates, New Adult/Contemporary Romance Author

For several years, I stumbled through revision after revision of my manuscript. I doubted everything, especially my descriptions and setting. Finally, I decided that it was time to bring in a professional, but I was afraid of losing the voice I’d worked so hard to maintain throughout my manuscript. Eventually, I found my way to Tanis’s website, and when she sent me a sample edit, I was convinced we would be a perfect fit. My voice was still there. She was professional at every turn. She made it easy to understand everything from minor grammatical issues to larger “big picture” problems that needed work. I have no hesitation recommending Tanis to anyone looking for an editor and can’t wait to work with her again!
— D.J. Kinsey, YA Author

I was worried my book wasn’t good enough and was too small a project for a professional editor to be interested in taking on, but Tanis treated it as if it were a huge contract. She was very sensitive to what I wanted my manuscript to say and kept my voice all the way through the process. Her suggestions brought out my ideas more clearly and in ways I hadn’t thought of. Tanis is very professional and approachable, and I would definitely use her services again!
— Tania Stenbeck, Children's/Middle Grade Fiction Author

Wow! Tanis — you are wonderful to work with! I’ve gone through the manuscript a number of times and need to tell you how thrilled I am to have had your eyes on it. It is immeasurably improved without any sacrifice of my voice (and a great improvement on its tone), just as you had promised. I appreciate that you went over and above the call of duty! Thank you again for your wonderful work!
— Blair J. Lindsay, Horror/Sci-fi/Thriller Author

As happens with many wonderful things in life, I stumbled upon Tanis. I’d employed other editors, but still, I knew in my heart that my manuscripts weren’t quite there. I’d heard opinions and wisdom; I’d received suggestions and “friendly” advice. Looking back on this earlier advice, most of it lacked one thing: depth. Most of it, though not inaccurate, was too superficial for it to really benefit. I need to know how, and why, things work. I’m not afraid of getting into the muck of something.

And this is where I bring it back to Tanis. She’s not afraid of getting into the muck. She’s also not afraid of following up after she’s given an answer. Many editors I’ve experienced run into a brick wall. Here’s what I mean: You pay the editor for a specified task. Most of the editors I have worked with will perform that task, but then—sometimes subtly, sometimes not—they will then cut you adrift. Tanis is like the Energizer Bunny. She keeps coming back. She wants to make sure you understand. I find that admirable, not to mention helpful. She takes pride in her work.
— David Weiskircher, Mainstream and Middle Grade Fiction Author

Thanks so much for the words of support and for your hard work — you exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be referring your services.
— Alexander Holt, Mainstream/Literary Fiction Author

I really appreciate what you do for me. I don’t know what I would do without you, to be honest. You are so good to me.
— Jean Spenst, Suspense Author

Wow! I loved your comments and suggestions. I love your feedback because it makes rewriting easier. I was getting bogged down in the war and forgetting emotions. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. I am forever thankful that I was led to you.
— Barbara Warren, Historical Romance Author

I enjoyed working with Tanis, who treated my manuscript with the utmost care. Communication was clear throughout the entire process, and the schedule was not only kept but exceeded. I am certain she read every word of my work and evaluated each carefully. The importance of word selection and the use and placement of particular punctuation marks was enlightening. Debating possibilities with someone who was invested in my work was also a highlight.
— R.S. Mulligan, Mainstream/Literary Fiction Author

Once more I wish to thank you for all the advice and patient guidance with my project.
— Zdenek Kutac, Short Story Author

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your incredible talent. I’ve learned a great deal through working with you. Your suggestions and gentle guidance encouraged me to dig deeper to help my readers engage in a story I felt needed to be told. You’re amazing.
— Holly C. Robins, Narrative Nonfiction Author

All of your edits are bang on. I have to say, I really like how you can get into my writing. You’re a mind reader. You are the queen of editors. I seriously find working with you pretty amazing.
— Gaspar Bartko, Short Story Author

This was my first time [hiring an editor] so I really wanted a professional job done. And it was. I really appreciate how you made me think about or see things that I had not even considered. I was devastated by your critique at first, and now I am so grateful for it and how you focused the story. I would highly recommend you and emphasize how thorough you are, in addition to your positive attitude.
— D. Adiba, Women’s Fiction Author

Wow, this is excellent! And just what I needed. It’s obvious you put a lot of thought into your evaluation and have homed in on a number of critical issues with the story. Your critique picked up on my haphazard approach [to writing]. Thanks for all your efforts in corralling this beast and your comments and advice.… You’ve done a great job with the edits! The formatting and style looks very professional — best foot forward! The story is feeling tight with things fitting together and making sense. I’m excited, seeing how well it’s turned out and how close we are to having something of submission quality at hand.… Great service, great advice, prompt responses, and all returns were received prior to the promised deadline.
— Walter Johnson, Mainstream Fiction Author

Tanis was great to work with! I could never have imagined how polished my work would be after her insight and attention to detail. Looking forward to working with her again soon. Highly recommend.
— Pip Kelly, Women's Fiction/Short Story Author

I’m so grateful for your quick turnaround and the awesome job you did on my manuscript. Your editing and suggestions were very helpful and beneficial. It’s definitely been a pleasure working with you. Thanks for all your patience with a debut author; I really appreciate it.
— Laverty Sparks, Romance/Women’s Fiction Author

Thank you so much, Tanis, for all your patience and hard work. I can really see how much better the MS is with your guidance. I learned a lot, and it was a pleasure working together.
— CP Daly, Thriller Author

What a wonderful experience—let’s do this again! I am so grateful for your edits and patience in helping me to understand important aspects of writing. Of course I will continue to learn, but I am much more alert thanks to you. I’m beginning to read other authors now with more understanding because of what you are showing me. I look forward to possible future edits. You’re a treasure, Tanis — thanks so much.
— Dan Carruthers, Short Story Author

I’ve been writing for over ten years and have worked with multiple editors during this time. I have three novels now, and when I met Tanis I informed her that my end goal is to attract a literary agent or publisher. For the first time in this very long journey filled with self-awareness and doubt, I’m pushing forward with the confidence that only having someone of her talent and insight in your corner can provide. Tanis is the real deal. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.
— Marc Drabiuk, Mainstream Fiction Author

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